A full-service digital agency with its own digital powerhouse

Kicking off every project with detailed research and extensive on-hand experience in the digital space delivering exactly as per your vision.

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Graphics & Design

UI/UX Design

We follow the best industry practices and design patterns to ensure a great user-experience without any trouble or clutter. Our user interface designers take great care in designing a UI that is unique to each project and helps your brand get maximum awareness. We start our UI/UX design process with wire-framing followed by building a prototype to ensure a smooth and rapid development from concept to realization of your idea/product.

Creative Artworks

Design creativity is always at the forefront of our minds. We are design enthusiasts providing a whole range of tailor-made design services to fit our customers needs, from logo creation and branding, to dynamic web and mobile application design. Our designers can devise great styling for all your social media and brand interaction requirements and help you in developing visual branding that will illustrate your commitment to your identity as a company.
Our Services

Video & Animation

Bring your brand to life with professional video animation services

Our experts convert monotone images into eye-catching graphic video and animations, enhancing the company's reputation. Videos enable your brand to continue engaging with your audience. Our animation team is constantly keeping up and forming the new trends. Being a digital powerhouse Voltro combines creative and digital expertise in the right way to create the perfect outcome making sure your message reaches your target audience. Our team is able to combine and implement their on-hand experience for you to reach your audience using various mediums.

Video Production

To deliver the best results our Video & Animation team consists not only of animators, but creative content writers, designers and most importantly art directors to ensure your vision is communicated in the right way. We follow the best practices of video creation: from pre-production, production to post-production. In each stage we make sure the message and visuals used in every scene align with the provided theme and the goal of your brand, product or company.
Our Services

Web Development

Stunning interface and responsive Website

Our team has gained decades of experience in working with various technology stacks and databases, allowing us to develop from result oriented websites to robust and scalable web application systems. End-to-end system integrations are an important part of digital transformation. Our team has done complex API-level integrations for various web applications, connecting internal and external systems, with solid security layers in between. Making use of the latest web development trends, we are confident in providing you with the right tech-solution to help your venture to succeed in today's competitive market.

eCommerce Development

We offer a full suite of design and development services for your online shop, from initial design & development to maintenance, management, and optimization. Integration of payment gateways and APIs, as well as the development of custom plugins are important parts of the development services we provide, along with various design services for your social media marketing and other digital marketing campaigns, helping you to reach the right message to your regional and global customers. Our e-commerce experts will analyse your traffic and conversions, to help drive your customers seamlessly from check-in to check-out.
Our Services

Mobile Development

Native Android & iOS Development

We design & develop simple to use, yet powerful and scalable native mobile apps which help users interact with your products in a much easier and trouble-free manner. Our engineers aim to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the most comprehensive and effective native Android and iOS app development services using the latest technologies and the same techniques being used by the leading app developers around the world. Whatever your needs and requirements are, our innovative and creative approach to providing engaging apps will help us to build and deliver the best possible app for you, on budget, and on time.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are a blend of native and modern web technologies, hence the name hybrid. The core of such apps is written using modern web technologies such as Flutter. They work and act in the same way as any native app giving it the performance and responsive user experience without having to feel like you are using a non-native mobile app. The biggest benefit of a hybrid app is that despite one codebase only, it works on iOS as well as Android smartphones, which results in shorter development time and a lower cost.
Our Services

QA Testing

Evaluation & Preparation

Our team evaluates your business requirements and matches it with industry standards before the testing lifecycle is introduced to your software. Every software is unique, serves its own purpose and users and is only able to perform best if quality assurance is involved from its early stages. Our full cycle software testing services help companies to ensure that their software is fully functional, reliable, secure and user-friendly. Voltro can test projects of any scale and complexity, introduce an efficient quality assurance process, and enhance your software quality management strategy.

QA from every angle

Our team of domain qualified QA engineers audits your software from different angles, starting from usability, code quality, functionality to performance and security and provides a detailed report of identified issues and bottlenecks as well as recommendations for improvement. The right combination of manual and automated testing allows us to identify potential issues and risks to increase test coverage, accelerate and optimize the development process and find more bugs before they enter production.
Our Services

Custom Software Development

Build, integrate, scale and Transform

Voltro provides high quality, cost-effective and reliable software development services that match your specific needs, budget and timeline. From simple custom applications to full-cycle software development services that can adapt with the scale of your company. We will enable your company to gain a competitive advantage with custom designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading of software to address your most pressing needs and specified business objectives.

Robust & reliable Software Development

At Voltro, our custom software development services are designed to improve your products and services using cutting-edge technologies. We provide spot-on solutions to overcome any challenges. Having designed, implemented and deployed system architectures in complex environments allows us to develop the right ecosystem to fulfil your needs. Our Quality Assurance team performs all aspects of testing, reports any bugs, and provides valuable analysis for their root causes.
Our Services

Management & Consulting

Accelerate business growth

Every project and business is unique and requires the right guidance from the right person. Being a part of the Falkenherz Group Voltro brings years of experience in different industries to the table. Our vast expertise and know-how enable us to overcome challenges and find opportunities using well established methods, pioneering concepts and practices which we apply to each type of project.

The right experience

Advice comes in many forms and we are flexible to choose the best fitting one whether it is a simple conference, a fully immersive project management or our own dedicated expert for daily guidance. Our experts have been involved from conceptualization to execution and everything in between in various projects, which enables them to identify the potential of each project and strategize, plan and implement their learnings to help you achieve the required results within the provided time and budget.
Our Services

Digital Marketing

Tailored marketing for our clients

There are many ways to approach online marketing - SEO, PPC, SMM are just a few of them. Every business has its own target group, which has to be approached in the right way. Our digital marketing team will provide you with required services to help approach your audience using the correct method within your required budget. Whether it is reaching out to your audience via Social Media or various Search Engines, our experts will research and analyse to develop the right strategy for your business. Using necessary tools and marketing channels the strategy will be planned and executed to ensure a high conversion rate.

Campaign Management

Running multiple campaigns across multiple regions and media can be a complex process. Taking into account the geographic, social and economic thinking of the target group, we can assist you in implementing and managing your activities effectively. Campaigns need to be carefully planned to achieve the best return on investment. Our campaign experts will analyse your campaign goals, budget and expected results, providing the best way to promote your campaign. We are solely responsible for managing your company's advertising campaigns and helping you get the most out of it, thus increasing your market share.
Our Services

Programmatic Marketing & Marketing Automation

Accelerate your business growth

Programmatic marketing is proving to be one of the most effective ways to market your business online because it delivers the right message to the right person at the right time. With split-second real-time bidding, consumers are able to see exactly what they’re interested in, saving time and money on behalf of the advertisers. Voltro strategically chooses the most relevant channels for your marketing campaigns by filtering user specific data and delivering your ads to your target group.

Automate your marketing campaigns

Automated marketing is one of the most advanced approaches in digital marketing. Our expert programmatic marketing team combines intelligent targeting with relevant available data to reach the right user, on the right device, at the right time across all the programmatic advertising platforms. We measure the analytical results of your Programmatic advertising campaigns to constantly review your ads so they’re highly relevant, while your costs remain as low as possible.
Our Services

Performance Marketing & Growth hacking

Measurable ROI

The sole purpose of our performance marketing campaigns is to deliver you a return on your investment. We set targets, we measure and we iterate constantly. Through performance marketing we will have the capability to alter your advertising strategies in real-time. We combine strong expertise in performance, data analytics, and creativity under one roof. Our growth-first, data driven approach is focused on growing our client’s business.

Optimize your conversion

Our performance marketing strategy will result in clients getting additional branding and product exposure at no additional cost. Through performance marketing our clients will benefit from a higher conversion rate, higher consumer engagements and higher third party endorsement, all leading to sales, brand loyalty and increased buyer retention. We enable our clients to reach their acquisition and revenue goals, with multichannel campaigns optimized for performance throughout the customer journey