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About us

VOLTRO by Falkenherz

Voltro is a venture of Falkenherz Group, a venture-studio that has launched innovative companies in the Connected Mobility, Aviation, and IoT space.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a major surge in the launch of new eCommerce platforms and webshops. This increased consumer demand meant new opportunities but also more challenges to the new and existing business owners.

Until now, you had the options to hire your own team (in-house or outsourced), contract an agency, or hire freelancers. Either you had to be ready to spend big or sacrifice on the quality and time.

This is where we saw a big opportunity for a new product: In providing shared resources on a flat monthly retainer at scale.

Our Mission: Provide world-class reliable quality digital services.
Our Vision: Be the secret superpower of Entrepreneurs.